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What Umbrella Insurance Won’t Cover

When taking out an umbrella insurance policy in Tallahassee, FL or the surrounding areas, you might find that there are certain things that a standard insurance plan will, more often than not, fail to cover.

That said, an umbrella policy is an excellent solution for home, auto, and liability coverage, offering extended protection to supplement your primary policies. But certain things can’t be protected by a standard umbrella policy from Kingdom Tree Insurance Group, or anyone else for that matter unless they specialize in that specific type of insurance.

What it doesn’t cover

For instance, most "exotic" vehicles won’t be covered. Things like golf carts, fishing boats, and snowmobiles are usually protected, but not airplanes, jet skis, hand-made Italian autos, and items of that nature.

Umbrella insurance generally will not cover anything that the owner expects to suffer damages as par for course. So if you weld a bunch of sheet metal to your old Chevy and take it to a demolition derby, you can’t expect your insurer to compensate you for the damages.

Every umbrella policy is different. If you can get an insurer to sign off on something, then you can get it protected. But there are certain areas where you’ll need to invest in specific policies. If you want to drive a custom-built luxury car to work, then the added insurance costs are part of the deal.

That being said, for about 90% of us, an umbrella plan from Kingdom Tree Insurance Group in Tallahassee, FL will cover about everything we want to be covered. It’s a smart way to get everything protected without having to shell out for additional coverage on each policy that you hold. Talk with our agents to learn how to get started.