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RV Insurance Coverage Options

Do you own an RV? Do you spend most of your time traveling and living in your RV? If you do, your recreational vehicle requires specialized insurance coverage to give you the required protection as you travel. It becomes easier to enjoy the journey and adventures when you aren’t worried about the safety of your loved ones, your investment, and your belongings. A local insurer in Tallahassee, FL, like Kingdom Tree Insurance Group, can provide strong RV insurance policies that you can trust.

Basic RV coverage

RV insurance policies are categorized in different plans. The main ones include:

Bodily injury liability – If you are involved in an accident when using your RV, and someone gets injured, this plan will help pay for the medical bills including the loss of income.

Collision – No matter who is at fault, this coverage pays for any damage to your motorhome or RV after an accident with another auto. The policy also covers RV rollovers. In case you lease or finance your RV, collision coverage is required.

Property damage liability – This coverage assists you to make payments for damages to another individual’s property or vehicle when you cause an accident.

Comprehensive – This plan helps you pay for the non-collision damages to the RV such as falling objects, theft, vandalism, storms, floods, fire, as well as other natural disasters.

Uninsured motorist – This RV policy will protect you against vehicle owners or drivers who do not have liability coverage or lack the funds to pay for the damages and injuries they cause you, your RV, or your passengers. The plan can also offer protection from hit-and-run accidents. Remember that each state has its uninsured motorist laws.

Underinsured motorist –an RV underinsured plan protects you against drivers who are not insured.

Medical payments –regardless of who is at fault, medical payments have to be paid when one is injured in an accident. This plan will cover your medical bills including those of your passengers in case you are involved in an accident when using your RV.

Kingdom Tree Insurance Group is based in Tallahassee, FL and can insure your RV in Florida, Alabama, and Georgia. Talk to us today for more information.