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3 Benefits of Boat Insurance

Boating is a recreational activity shared by many residents from Miami to Tallahassee, FL. Smart boat owners will protect their investment with boat insurance. Boat insurance from Kingdom Tree Insurance Group offers you a wide range of options for protecting your property and others when enjoying this sport. Here are just a few of the many benefits you stand to gain by obtaining a boat insurance policy.

Liability Protection

Even careful boaters can have accidents on the water, causing injuries to passengers, other boaters, or nearby swimmers. If you’re found at fault in a boating accident, your liability insurance will cover the cost of medical expenses of those who were injured as well as any property damage you may have caused. In the event you’re sued by an injured party, your insurance will cover litigation and settlement fees to save you from financial ruin.

Protection for Your Investment

As boats are valuable investments, you should get coverage to protect your boat against accidents on the water and inclement weather. Florida is notorious for its tropical storms. If you’re financing your boat, this insurance may be mandatory to protect your lender’s investment. Even if you own your boat outright, you’ll appreciate having financial assistance to make costly repairs when you need them most. With total loss replacement coverage, your boat will be replaced by your insurer if it is deemed a total loss due to damages received in an accident or storm.

Environmental Protection

By obtaining coverage for fuel spills or wreckage removal, your insurance will pay for the cleanup of fuel or oil leaks or salvaging your boat from the ocean floor if it’s destroyed in a storm. This can save you thousands of dollars in cleanup or salvage costs.

To learn more about the benefits of boat insurance along with coverage options and costs, contact us at Kingdom Tree Insurance Group in Tallahassee, FL.