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Basic RV Maintenance

Kingdom Tree Insurance Group of Tallahassee, FL wants you to enjoy your RV and eek many years of fun travels out of it. You can save yourself from needing to file a claim by conducting basic RV maintenance regularly.

When you have to file a claim on your insurance, it can cause your insurance rates to rise. That makes it to your advantage to reduce the number of claims you need to file. When it comes to recreational vehicles (RVs), you can do this pretty easily. You simply conduct regular maintenance on your RV to keep it in the best shape.
These simple tips help keep your RV in its best condition. You can do these in a matter of minutes, so it takes very little time, too.

Park Under a Cover
Park under a covered area like a carport or in a covered garage. This protects your roof from environmental and sun damage. It also protects it from hail and falling tree limbs. This keeps it from incurring costly damage. Repairing or replacing an RV roof can cost thousands of dollars. If you live in your RV or travel in it constantly, you need to have your roof cleaned regularly.

Run Your Generator 
Your generator can just stop working if you let it sit for too long without using it. They aren’t cheap to replace either. While you can store gasoline for a short time, it only has a shelf life of approximately 30 days. That applies to the gas in the generator’s tank, too. It starts breaking down and causing damage to internal components past that time. Run your generator at half load for about two hours each month to prevent the carburetor from varnishing.

Check and Repair Window, Door and Roof Seals 
Cracked or misaligned seals on doors, roofs, and windows can allow moisture to seep in. Of course, some weather stripping and seals wear away from the installation area with time. The water then enters it damages surfaces and provides an environment for mold to develop. Check the seals every three months and replace any deteriorated weather stripping.

Open the Vents 
When your RV remains parked and unused in warm weather, open the vents. This allows air circulation that prevents deterioration of floors, seals, seams and wall coverings. Closed vents allow the temperature to rise to 130F.

Lubricate your Slide-Out Rails 
Lubricate the slide-out rails so they do not rust and corrode. Twice per year, apply lubricant to the RV rails.

If you’ve just purchased a new RV, come visit Kingdom Tree Insurance Group of Tallahassee, FL to learn about how to protect your investment. Call us today.