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Should You Have Year Round Motorcycle Insurance?

Winters in Tallahassee can be rainy and chilly, which could make it uncomfortable for motorcycle riding. If you’re considering storing your bike until spring, you may be wondering how to handle your motorcycle insurance coverage. Some riders retain year-round coverage, even if they don’t ride during winter. Others choose to cut back on coverage during winter to reduce premium costs. If you fall into the latter category, here are a few ideas from Kingdom Tree Insurance Group in Tallahassee, FL on motorcycle insurance protection for winter months.


If you’re storing your bike for winter, you can eliminate collision coverage to reduce premium costs. There’s no risk of crashing into another vehicle if you’re not on the road. Once you start riding your bike again in the spring, you can reinstate this coverage to protect your investment against crashes on the road.


Rather than eliminate liability coverage, you can reduce your limits to the minimum coverage required by Florida law. This saves you money on your premium while still providing some protection in case you decide to take your bike for a spin during pleasant winter weather. Motorcycle liability coverage is mandatory in Florida. If there’s any chance of using your bike during winter, maintaining minimum liability coverage is a viable option to comply with Florida law.


Comprehensive coverage protects your bike against theft, fire, vandalism and damage caused by the elements. As your motorcycle is still at risk of these dangers even while in storage, we recommend that you retain your comprehensive coverage during winter. Lack of protection puts you at risk of paying for repairs or replacement of your bike on your own if it’s stolen or damaged in an unexpected disaster.

To learn more about your options for motorcycle insurance coverage in Georgia, Florida, or Alabama, call or visit Kingdom Tree Insurance Group in Tallahassee, FL.