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How to tell between flood water damage and other water damage

Even if no one speaks about it, there is a massive confusion between water damage and flood damage. Many people in Tallahassee, FL, don’t understand why their home insurance policies reject flood water damage claims and flood insurance rejects water damage claims. Water is water, right? Wrong, and that’s why you have flood insurance and home insurance.

Both policies cover water-related damage, but the cause is what brings all the difference. So how do you tell the difference? Kingdom Tree Insurance Group Will help you differentiate between the two, but let’s first define both.

Flood water

Most insurance companies define flood water as water from rising and overflowing onto dry land. This water must have come as a result of rain, snow, or any other form, but from the clouds. That means pipe water or a faulty sink is not flooding.

Water damage

Water damage comes with a broader definition. It essentially covers any massive water that builds up to the extent of destroying or damaging things. Water damage can result from various issues such as an overflowing swimming pool, burst pipes, faulty sinks, or even a broken washing machine.

How to tell you to have flood damage and not water damage

If you live in a low-risk flood area around Tallahassee, FL, it might not occur to you that your home might be a victim of floods. Well, it happens, and taking precautions and preparation is vital. To determine if you have flood damage, you need first to make sure that all your taps, pipes, and other water sources are entirely safe and functioning correctly.

Next, you need to establish the source of the water. If the water entered your home from outside, then there is a likelihood that it could be floods. But sometimes it is not, because it could be your neighbor’s swimming pool. Next, determine if there have been heavy rains or better enquire about floods.  If there were rains, then you are dealing with flood damage. Call your flood insurance agency as soon as possible.

For more information about flood insurance, feel free to call us at Kingdom Tree Insurance Group, and we will be happy to help.