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Kingdom Tree Insurance Group answers 6 FAQs about boat insurance

Having a boat is a luxury. But, not having the proper insurance can sink your fun.

In the event of damage or loss, boat insurance can be the lifeline you need. 

Whether you’re a new owner or simply wanting to protect your investment, Kingdom Tree Insurance Group is here to help. Serving Tallahassee, FL, the agency answers six questions about boat insurance.

What is boat insurance?

In short, boat insurance protects against accidents or injuries. This extends to you, your guests, and the boat itself. This coverage applies to most watercraft that has a motor.

What does boat insurance cover?

While policies vary, boat insurance likely includes bodily liability, property liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage. Additional services, like towing assistance, can be added.

Is boat insurance required?

Florida doesn’t mandate boat insurance by law. However, you may be required by a lending agent to purchase a policy if you owe money.

How much does boat insurance cost?

Several factors influence price. The type, size, and age of a boat are considered. The motor’s size is also taken into account.

Do I need year-round boat insurance?

Although it’s tempting to cancel your policy during the off-season, you aren’t entirely in the clear. Risks like fire, theft, and storms are still present. Without the proper coverage, you may be stuck paying out of pocket for these repairs.

Isn’t my boat insured under my homeowner’s policy?

This is a common misconception. While homeowners insurance may apply to certain watercraft, it’s often minimal and limited. There’s also usually a cap. Only a true boat insurance policy can offer full protection.

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