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3 Risks of Riding Without Florida Motorcycle Insurance

Unlike other states, you don’t need motorcycle insurance in Florida. However, this doesn’t mean you don’t need two-wheeler insurance in Florida. This coverage is pivotal in protecting you when the unthinkable occurs. Without Florida insurance from Kingdom Tree Insurance Group of Tallahassee, FL, you will expose yourself to the below risks.

Uncovered own losses

When involved in a motorcycle accident, there is a lot that can go wrong. You and your passengers can be injured, incurring significant medical bills. Also, your bike could be damaged, leading to substantial repair bills. Without motorcycle insurance, you will have to foot these bills from your pocket. Do you have enough savings to cover such losses? Plus, even if you have the savings, was the primary objective to cover accident losses?

Motorcycle insurance covers accident-related costs, protecting your finances. It covers repairs and medical costs following a bike accident.

Uncovered third-party losses

When deemed responsible for an accident, you could face property damage and bodily injury claims from third parties. Worse yet, you could be sued. Liability claims can be expensive, and financing these costs from your pocket can drain your expenses. But if you have motorcycle insurance, you don’t have to worry about third-party claims.

Risk of being bankrupt

You always hear that insurance is a safety net. Without it, you can easily slump into a financial mess. Think of it this way. You have caused a severe accident. You have sustained severe injuries in the process, and your bike is written off. As if that isn’t enough, you are at fault for the accident resulting in significant third-party losses.

Following a bike accident, lawsuits, third-party expenses, and own losses can ruin your finances. So, secure your assets and future income with motorcycle insurance.

Purchase motorcycle insurance today in Tallahassee, FL!

You don’t have to face the above consequences of failing to invest in motorcycle insurance. All you need to do is contact Kingdom Tree Insurance Group for affordable motorcycle insurance.