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What is a full-timers’ policy?

When you visit Kingdom Tree Insurance Group, serving Tallahassee, FL, for RV insurance, you might think one policy fits all RV use. Motorhome insurance offers options, though, depending on how you use your RV.

Most people think of the type of RV policy that resembles auto insurance. It covers your liability while on the road, and you can add comprehensive and collision coverage to it.

RV insurance also offers the full-timers’ policy, though. A full-timers’ policy insures your RV like home insurance does your home. If you plan to travel full-time in your RV or drive to a location and park it there permanently, drawing power from electrical hookups and a water tank, choose full-timers’ insurance.

It fully insures your RV as your home. This lets you file claims for things you would on a bricks-and-mortar home under a home policy. Motorhome insurance falls under the category of home insurance.

The enhanced coverage of full-timers’ insurance provides bumper-to-bumper coverage plus liability coverage. This type of policy includes comprehensive, collision, roadside assistance, total loss replacement coverage, personal property coverage, and attached accessories coverage.

A couple of those terms probably need explanation. Total loss replacement coverage means that if an accident totals your RV beyond repair, your insurance provides you the funds to purchase a replacement RV. Whether this provides the funds for a used or a new RV depends on whether you pay for actual value or replacement cost value.

The term attached accessories refer to items such as awnings and satellite TV dishes. Solar panels on the roof of your RV also fall under this category.

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