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Can you add roadside assistance to a motorcycle policy?

Kingdom Tree Insurance Group offers Tallahassee, FL residents the motorcycle coverage they need to ride legally on Florida roads and protect their finances by paying for bike damage. Today, we’d like to address an essential add-on to your bike coverage that can help you stay safer and enjoy your road trips more – roadside assistance.

Roadside Assistance for Motorcycles

When you add roadside assistance to your bike policy, you do more than protect yourself when you ride your own bike. Your roadside assistance coverage applies when you ride a borrowed or rented bike, plus when you’re a passenger on someone else’s motorcycle.

This insurance add-on offers a bevy of protections, including:

  • Emergency fuel delivery if you run out of gas nowhere near a gas station,
  • Towing service if your bike breaks down or you have an accident,
  • Flat tire service to get you on your way again,
  • Battery service if your bike’s battery needs a jump start,
  • Lockout service to get your motorcycle started if you lose your keys.

You can add roadside assistance coverage to any motorcycle policy. You don’t have to carry full coverage to add it.

Contact Us for More Information

Whether you just bought your first bike or you’ve ridden for decades, Tallahassee, FL’s Kingdom Tree Insurance Group can help you build the bike policy that best protects your ride and your liability to others while on the road. Contact us for a policy review while adding roadside assistance to your insurance. We’ll help you build a policy that ensures you can replace your bike if it incurred severe damage, plus help you add coverage that keeps you safer while riding Florida roads.