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Will homeowners insurance cover the damage to my she-shed?

Homeowners insurance creates peace of mind for many homeowners. The benefits of this type of insurance extend well beyond the home. Our team at Kingdom Tree Insurance Group knows that Tallahassee, FL homeowners are interested in protecting their homes through this type of insurance coverage because of the extensive benefits and protection provided by homeowners insurance. 

What is Homeowners Insurance?

Homeowners insurance provides protection and coverage that extends beyond the physical home and includes everything on the property and liability coverage. In other words, not only is your home’s foundation, exterior, and interior covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy but everything on your property is also covered. The liability coverage protects homeowners from lawsuits by providing coverage for visitors who may become injured while visiting a homeowner’s property or suffer some form of property damage. Your homeowner’s insurance may even provide protection and medical coverage for your neighbor if your dog bites them. Specifically, your homeowner’s policy typically covers your home, any structures on your property, and loss of use expenses. Plus, homeowners insurance provides personal liability coverage and medical payments for others who may become injured while on your property. This form of coverage also includes financial compensation for damages if the damages are a covered peril approved by your policy. However, the coverage amount won’t exceed the maximum coverage limit outlined by your policy. 

Will homeowners insurance cover the damage to my she-shed?

Yes. Your she-shed is an additional structure on your property. Therefore, a she-shed, or any shed, is typically covered by a  homeowners’ policy. If you have questions about what a homeowners’ insurance policy covers, call us. We’d be happy to discuss the benefits and coverage.