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Security Upgrade Guidelines For Your Rental

Equipping your rental unit with adequate security will protect you against burglary and vandalism. Review the following security guidelines. Then, contact a Kingdom Tree Insurance Group agent who serves Tallahassee, FL. The agent will modify your existing renters’ insurance policy.

Security Benefits

Keeping your rental unit secure will protect your residence from criminal activities. This could prevent the need to file an insurance claim. 

Property And Rental Assessment

You are responsible for protecting your personal possessions while actively renting your residence. The owner of your property may have an insurance policy that covers the building you live in and the land that it is situated on.

Assess your property. Smoke alarms, motion lights, surveillance equipment, cameras, and locks are some devices that will keep your property secure.

Installation Permission

Before you install any security equipment on your property or inside your rental, seek permission from the property owner. The security products that you install should not deface the property or building that you live in.

Once you have been granted the right to install the devices, hire a technician to assist you with setting up and programming the security equipment.

Security Records

Keep records of all the security upgrades that you have made. Write down information about the security camera models and other types of equipment that you have installed within your rental.

Contact our Team!

Keeping your rental secure is a priority. You can obtain the insurance coverage you need by consulting with one of our agents representing Kingdom Tree Insurance Group. Contact an agent who serves Tallahassee, FL, at your earliest convenience.