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Things that should always be in your vehicle

Before you head out onto the road, it is essential that you check what you have in your glove box and trunk. Some things are necessary if you want to be prepared for everything that can happen when you are out and about in your motor vehicle. At Kingdom Tree Insurance Group in Tallahassee, FL, we are an independent insurance agency that works for our customers and owes our loyalty to you, the consumer.  


In your glove box or sun visor, you should have your vehicle registration and insurance card. Your driver’s license should also be in the vehicle with you. Most people carry it on their body, not in the glove box. Another essential thing to have with you in your car is your vehicle manual. This can be helpful if any lights are flashing on your dashboard that you don’t recognize or need to know how much tire pressure you need to have. 

You should also have your vehicle’s maintenance record in the vehicle so you can keep up to date on important things like oil changes. 

Safety items

In your trunk, you should have a spare tire, a jack, and flares to put up, so you don’t get hit while fixing your vehicle. A can of Fix a Flat can be beneficial as well. It would be best always to have jumper cables or a personal charger like a Halo in your vehicle.

Practical items

A charging cord, a phone holder so you can drive hands-free, a bottle of water or two, non-perishable snacks, a blanket, and a pair of sunglasses will all come in handy. 

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