Flood Insurance in Florida

You do not have to be in a flood zone to need flood insurance. However, if you find yourself within a designated flood zone, as a homeowner, you are obligated to know everything that pertains to a policy for flood coverage.

Here are five smart facts you need to be aware of with flood insurance:

Varied flood zones have different flood insurance costs. The location in which you reside determines the cost of your flood insurance. The more severe the flood zone, the higher the premium rates.

It is a separate policy

Flood loss is not included in your homeowner insurance. For you to get the coverage, you could add water back up and sump overflow to your homeowner insurance. Kingdom Tree Insurance Agency in Tallahassee, FL helps our clients acquire policies suited for their specific conditions, including private flood insurance as an alternative to help protect your home and property.

Flood insurance goes beyond coastal areas

Drawing from the cases witnessed this year in Tennessee, West Virginia, and Texas, you do not have to be near the coast to be a victim of floods. Florida homeowners need to be aware that they live in a high-risk area for flooding because of the regular storms that hit the state.

It may be a requirement from your lender

If you take a loan to purchase a house in a severe flood zone, your lender may ask that you carry flood insurance. If your buying option is either cash or mortgage, it will be your choice whether or not to take the coverage. Just be sure to discuss any major insurance changes with a local independent agent in Florida.

The contents of your coverage are dependent on the policy itself

In the majority of cases, most people who carry flood insurance expect dwellings and belongings coverage. Ensure you understand the nature of your policy and how much you will have. Kingdom Tree Insurance Agency can be of much help in educating you about a flood policy.

Kingdom Tree Insurance Agency in Tallahassee, FL believes in providing clients with a variety of insurance coverage. Our agents learn about your needs and help you find a policy that fits your specific situation. Reach out to our offices to learn how to start a policy today.

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