Renters Insurance in Florida

Renter's insurance is one of the most common forms of insurance available in the market. Many renters in Florida have already obtained renter insurance policies to help protect themselves and their property.

Renter's insurance in Florida is easy to achieve, so obtaining it is a sound investment to safeguard you against financial costs. Renter's insurance is very inexpensive and provides a broad range of coverage. The only circumstances in which renter's insurance is legally required is if there is a provision in your lease agreement stating that you must obtain it.

Specific Coverage

The coverage and the cost are linked to the renter's insurance. You can find that it helps protect against liability and helps with costs from covered damages.”. A renter’s insurance policy can help protect your belongings from weather, fire, theft, and more. Documenting your more expensive belongings is essential to make it easier for the insurance provider. Renter’s insurance can also help with injuries to others sustained on your property. This will come in handy in the case of a lawsuit as well. There are some differences between the type of insurance your landlord has on the house and the renter’s insurance policy you have.

Landlord insurance helps protects the building and its contents, but renter's insurance covers the renter themselves and their property. Landlord insurance may also include legal expenses, which may be incurred when dealing with certain tenants. Renter's insurance does not cover any such costs in its coverage.

Kingdom Tree Insurance Agency is an excellent insurance company based out of Tallahassee, FL. We offer various renter insurance policies, offering different coverage options for renters. Aside from the combination of coverage levels, these policies also have many specific coverage types to suit your needs.

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If you are a renter and you would like to obtain renter's insurance, Kingdom Tree Insurance Agency is an excellent choice for you. Reach out to our agents in Tallahassee, FL, to learn more about a policy or how to obtain a quote.


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